In today's modern world, managing information is a very crucial yet complicated task. Often we heard users in an organization complaining about having too much different systems to perform different daily tasks. Users get confused frequently as their organization’s Management Information System is not centralized. Integrating data from one system to another is also frustrating. Not only it’s a hassle to the users, it also adds up to the workload of an IT department to manage different systems on different platforms. Thus, Smart Lab have built Workplace as a solution to centralize every systems and solutions they built on a single platform. Workplace is a web based enterprise portal that serves as the main platform for all Smart Lab’s web products. It is built to integrate information, people and processes across an organization. It provides secured and centralized access to the system applications and resources within an organization. Through Workplace, users can manage multiple applications through a centralized portal. Workplace is integrated with the Enterprise Suite applications and Industry Solutions removing the needs to log into various systems for different applications. With Workplace, Enterprise Resource Planning is now made easy and efficient. Workplace enables users to login anytime and from anywhere around the world. By logging in through the Web to their respective accounts from any device, users get instant access to their personalized window setup, with all their information and configurations without having to carry your personal computer. In short, Workplace offers mobility as an advantage to the users.
Figure: Workplace Login Panel

Figure: Workplace Login Panel


Systems centralization:
  • Through Workplace, information systems are integrated into a centralized platform.
Data integration:
  • As information systems are centralized into a single platform, data integration between different systems is much more efficient.
  • As a web based solution, Workplace can be logged into from anywhere, any time and any devices.
  • Valuable information and data can be integrated across the organization securely through a single portal.
  • Workplace and all of the systems integrated with it is web based. It makes Workplace easy to be deployed and maintained as installation and maintenance are only needed to be done on the servers and not on devices.
  • Workplace is flexible and adaptable; it can be easily upgraded into newer versions and integrated with new system applications in the future.
Figure: Workplace Dashboard
Figure: Workplace Dashboard