Workplace is designed to overcome the issue faced by most small medium business that could not afford to deploy, integrates and support the system throughout the nation. The ability to deploy Workplace without having to deploy their own IT team will be very cost efficient.
Through Workplace, users can manage multiple applications through a centralized portal. It provides secured and centralized access to the system applications and resources within an organization. Workplace is integrated with the Enterprise Suite applications and Industry Solutions removing the needs to log into various systems for different applications.
Workplace does not require installation on client devices. As a cloud hosted platform, Workplace enables you to access the system from any device, anywhere and anytime. Hence, making mobility an advantage for the users.Workplace is an independent platform, it does not rely on any Operating System. No matter which OS you operate on, Workplace will serve you well. This makes Workplace a very agile and adaptive platform. Users won’t have to worry about the hardware requirement to run Workplace as it can be accessed from any device.Workplace is not just a web application system. It have also been developed to serve as a platform for developers to develop applications on. By doing this, Workplace has become a highly scalable platform for various applications.


Features \ Edition Soho SBE Standard Enterprise
Domain Name Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pop3 Email 10 30 Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Account Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Server space 500Mbyte 1Gbytes 80Gbytes User Defined
Collaboration Server Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalized Calendaring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Task Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Application server Yes Yes Yes Yes
News and Events Bulletin Board Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes
URL Link Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalised User Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customisable ACL Yes Yes Yes Yes
Domain Admin Account 1 1 1 1
Support E-Commerce Integration Yes Yes N/A N/A
Built-in E-Commerce Server with SSL N/A N/A Yes Yes
Online Payment Merchant Account N/A N/A N/A Yes
Max Users 10 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Database Storage 500M bytes 1G bytes 80G bytes 10 Terabytes
File Manager Storage 500M bytes 1G bytes 80G bytes 10 Terabytes
Hit Rate Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Most of the Small Medium Business could not afford to deploy, integrates and support the system throughout the nation. To address the issues, Workplace is designed based on the real internet architecture. The ability to deploy Workplace without having to send out the IT team is will bring a huge saving to companies. By hosting the system on a single server Workplace will enable your employees to access the system remotely at any time.
Edition Annual Subscription Price ( RM ) Additional User (RM) Addition 1 Mbytes Space ( RM )
Soho 5000 300 0.10
Small Business 10000 300 0.10
Standard 32,000 N/A N/A
Enterprise Upon Assessment N/A N/A


Workplace design to overcome the issue face by most of the small medium business that could not afford to deploy, integrates and support the system throughout the nation.
Workplace has hassle free system maintenance and no extra hardware installation cost!
Fast and Easy Install
Have your intranet installed in minutes and you are ready to enter in content!
Pre-built Applications
22 popular intranet applications, including Form Builder
Minimal Administration
Concentrate on intranet content instead of intranet development
Delegate Management
Assign users or groups as content managers
Easy to Use Administration Site
Administration area is intuitive and simple
Unlimited Categories
Organize your content by creating unlimited application categories
Fully Customizable
Site level customization down to field level customization
Flexible Naming
Name your intranet, change application names, and field names to suit your needs
Flexible and Scalable Security
Choose a wide open intranet or a highly secured site, or anything in between
What is New Feature on Home Page
Selectively advertise new content on the intranet home page
Additional Applications
Link to external applications
Content Archiving
Preserve older content and still have it searchable
Dual Browser Compatibility
Both Internet Explorer and Netscape compatible
Extranet Capability
Use the security flexibility to create an extranet environment within your intranet
Simple Licensing
One low license cost for unlimited users
We have small companies of 20 users all the way up to large companies at 5000 users
Online Help
Extensive online help screens throughout the intranet
Simple, Affordable, Good Value
We pride ourselves on value, ease of use, excellent service and support!