Workplace is a web based platform that centralize various system applications and solutions. It operates as a host for all Smart Lab’s web solutions. Smart Lab’s web solutions are divided into two main categories; the Enterprise Suite and Industry Solutions. Both of these solutions consist of numerous system applications and Workplace allows information and data to be integrated from one another seamlessly.Not only it hosts and integrates with systems built around it, Workplace also acts as a communication center of an organization. Through Workplace, users are able to communicate with each other as well as people outside the organization. Workplace provides email, instant messaging, discussion portal and users can be selected or join any specific group online for multiple purpose; group of interest, departments and projects.

Figure: Diagram shows Workplace connects users to different applications and tools.

In short, Workplace provides a one stop portal for an organization to manage all its applications, communications, publications and daily tasks. Yes, Workplace have it all. In an organization, Workplace serves as the only portal that users need to sign in to access all their business applications and solutions, manage their mails, daily tasks, meetings, appointments, meetings, check staff’s availability, post discussions online and many more.