How would I secure contents and information in Workplace™ on the Internet?
Content can be secured for add, edit, delete or view permissions at the category level within each application. Location authentication is another one of the major security protection for accessing Workplace™ besides user authorization. Authorized user can only access to those locations that had granted by the administrator. Default permissions are provided when creating new user’s groups but can easily be configured as required.

Can I prevent certain staff from even seeing content in a specific area in Workplace™ ?
You can prevent staff members from viewing content in any area of the intranet site by securing the area and then assigning view permissions to group(s) or individual(s) that you wish to have access.

How do you set up user profiles?
In the Administration area, click on Add New Users, then enter UserID. Fill in the form with Full Name, Description, and Email Address and the UserID and password will be sent to user with this email address. You can then assign the user to a group or set up user level permissions if required. Then click submit. Once the new user has been added, then system will notify the user by email them regarding their username and default password. The user has the option of changing the default password to their chosen password. All passwords are encrypted for maximum security.

Can you set up role-based security and access control?
Role based access control can easily be set up within Internet whenever you log in to Workplace™. Only the Administration or the person who is assigned the authority to create groups and users can set up groups based on job descriptions and responsibilities. You can then assign individuals to these groups. The group can then be assigned permissions to access respective functions in different modules in Workplace™ over the Internet.

Can you delegate ownership of content to other departments or users?
Absolutely, and it is quick and easy to do. In the Administration area, you can assign add, edit and delete permissions to individual users or groups (departments) to allow access to them for the complete management of the content in specific applications. You can also assign a user as an owner to specific application in Workplace™. Application Owners have all access to content within their application(s) with the added benefit of customization options and the ability to create and manage categories within their application(s). To assign a user or group as an Application Owner, you simply click a checkbox in the accessibility module to grant certain access to user or group profile.